Save money with Pristine’s
scrap amalgam buckets

No hassle. No contracts.

Fill our bucket with your scrap amalgam waste.
When it’s full, just give us a call at 1.800.569.1088.
We will arrange for a UPS pick-up at no charge.

5 Gallon Bucket - $310 ea
Order 5 Gallon now
3.5 Gallon Bucket - $235 ea
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1 Gallon Bucket - $119 ea
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Stay in compliance with Best Management Practices (BMP) regulations by disposing of scrap amalgam waste properly.

Scrap amalgam should NEVER be disposed of in red bags, the garbage, or your sink.

  • Buckets may be purchased through your dental supply dealer, and they come in three convenient sizes: 1 gallon (SAP 1); 3.5 gallon (SAP 3); or 5 gallon (SAP 5).*
  • Fill your bucket with your scrap amalgam waste, and when it is full, simply call 800-569-1088 for pickup by UPS at no additional cost to you.
  • Acceptable waste items:
    • Chairside traps
    • Spent capsules
    • Pump filters
    • Contact or non-contact amalgam
    • Extracted teeth with amalgams (disinfected)
  • Meets ADA standard and complies with ANSI 109 requirements
  • All waste is properly recycled through a permitted facility
  • We will provide you with compliance documentation to demonstrate that you properly disposed of your scrap amalgam waste
*Buckets are available in all states except Pennsylvania and Virginia.  Free liquids are only permitted in the 5 gallon pail.  For all other sizes, liquids must be in a sealed container prior to placement in the pail.