About Pristine Environmental Service

Pristine Environmental Services was established to provide better solutions for dental waste. We develop innovative, cost effective solutions that are also environmentally friendly.

Amalgam Separator Waste Disposal

Mercury has been a top priority with federal EPA and state environmental regulators for the past decade due to its persistence and toxicity in the environment. While safe in the mouth, once dental amalgam is removed it must be disposed of properly to protect it from breaking down in the environment and releasing the mercury. Pristine’s first project was to safely process and sequester/recycle the amalgam sludge captured by Rebec CatchHg dental amalgam separators. This required Pristine to go through the rigorous process to become a permitted dental waste processing facility. And once we had that license, it opened the door to our second dental waste solution.

Scrap Dental Amalgam Waste

It must be carefully managed to keep it out of ordinary trash, biomedical waste, or from discharge down the drain. Pristine’s Scrap Amalgam Bucket program is an easy and cost-effective way for dental practices to safely collect this type of waste and then simply have the buckets picked up by UPS, postage pre-paid by Pristine, when they are full. Pristine recycles all this waste through our permitted facility and provides the dental office with documentation to ensure you have all the records needed to prove regulatory compliance.


A superior evacuation line and amalgam separator cleaning product we developed in partnership with the engineering team at Rebec Amalgam Separators. It is the best vacuum line cleanser we have found for maintaining your evacuation line system and to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your amalgam separator system.

Endless Innovation

Pristine will continue to develop additional environmentally sound solutions that are highly cost competitive for the needs of the dental community. Our employees have over 30 years of experience in the dental service industry and 15 years of experience in the management of hazardous waste. We understand your needs and are committed to being the best partner possible to provide you with reliable, simple, cost-effective solutions for all your medical waste needs. Our goal is to save you time and money, so you can focus on what’s most important:  the needs of your patients and growing your practice.


Tim Reber
Founder and CEO