The effective and environmentally-friendly way to clean your vacuum lines

Evacuation system cleaner and amalgam separator conditioner

VacuBlu - Vacuum Line Cleaner
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VacuBlu is a better way to clean and condition your vacuum lines and your amalgam separator.

  • VacuBlu is easy to use. Simply flush it through your vacuum lines to keep them clear and your amalgam separator working properly.
  • VacuBlu is a concentrated, aqueous, enzymatic, biodegradable dental vacuum line cleaner. It is safe for use on all vacuum equipment and specially formulated for amalgam separator maintenance. VacuBlu has a neutral pH and contains no bleach or other chemicals that dissolve amalgam particles and undermine the effectiveness of your amalgam separator.
  • Each bottle contains 64 fluid ounces of concentrated line cleaner (128 gallons working solution).
  • VacuBlu may be purchased through your local dental dealer.