Pristine Sharps Containers

Just fill it up and send it back!
We’ll take care of the rest.

Our sharps containers come packaged with a USPS-approved, pre-stamped box.

This container paired with the UPS approved ship-back box is an ideal solution for dental professionals in need of cost-effective solutions for their sharps waste disposal.


Single / 3-Pack

The 1-Quart size works well for operatories with limited sharps use.

Each 1-Quart container will hold approximately 75-80 1CC syringes and 30-35 3CC syringes.

Single: $27.953 Pack: $59.95

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Pristine Sharps Container - 5 Quart


Single / 3-Pack

The 5-Quart size works well for exam and treatment rooms where more sharps are used on a regular basis.

Each 5-Quart container will hold approximately 200-210 1CC syringes and 100-120 3CC syringes.

Single: $43.953 Pack: $85.95

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